Welcome to Christ Fellowship

Christ Fellowship is new United Methodist Church in San Antonio, TX.   We exist to help people in the far northwest San Antonio and Helotes area to connect with Christ and his church.

As United Methodists we believe that God is working in the hearts and lives of people before they even realize it.  We believe that God calls us to believe in and follow Jesus for salvation and holiness of heart and life.  We believe that we live out this holiness of heart and life through witness and service to the world by the power of God’s Spirit.

What We Are About

At Christ Fellowship we sum all of that up by saying God has called us to be a movement that helps people have a MEETING with Jesus in worship, study the MESSAGE of Jesus in community, and claim our MISSION from Jesus in the world.  That’s it, that’s what we’re about – MEETING, MESSAGE, MISSION.

If you’d like to know more about our church or how to get involved we invite you to look around the website.  You can also contact Pastor Wade Powell.  We have a Pastor’s Welcome Dinner every 4-6 weeks to introduce folks who are new to our community to our vision, mission, and how to get involved.  If you are interested in joining us for our next dinner you can email Pastor Wade and he’ll get you the details.