Christ Fellowship is a Faith Community here in San Antonio, TX. We are a church with a young history, yet we believe we are still writing our story and the future is bright! We exist to connect with all people of all places and backgrounds. As the church, we believe that God is working in the hearts and lives of people in the name of Jesus Christ! We are a Christ-Centered, Spirit led, inviting and an evangelical church striving to proclaim the good news for the transformation of the world. There is a place for you here.

All are Welcome!


The Vision of Christ Fellowship is that we will be a church that will...

Gather to Connect people to a community committed to making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world through Worship, Community Events and Connect Events.


Equip to Serve by diving deeper into the word and by intentionally seeking Christ through Professions of Faith, Baptism, Small Groups and Outreach.


Empower to Grow by challenging the church to take ownership of their faith and to in turn serve others for the purpose of being Kingdom Builders through Invitation, Membership, Giving of our Gifts and Volunteering.


Christ-Centered, Invitation To Fellowship, Expected Spiritual Growth, Living On Purpose, Claiming Our Mission.


We are called to be a movement committed to the call that has been placed on all of our lives. As a united body of Christ we will seek to Gather, Equip and Empower all people both inside and outside of our walls for the making of new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 



Grace, simply defined, is God’s gift-giving nature – the powerful, undeserved, loving activity of God in human existence.


God’s initiative of love is uniquely and ultimately expressed in Jesus Christ. Jesus is literally “grace personified”.


If Jesus is God’s ultimate gift of grace, then conversion is consciously saying “yes” to the Gift and “thanks” to the Giver.


The goal of the Christian life is to look to Jesus for guidance and look like Jesus in lifestyle; what methodists call holiness of heart and life.



Ministry is meeting the needs of people with the power of Christ.



United Methodist Christians hold the Bible as God’s inspired and essential witness to God’s redeeming work toward God’s creation.



The Bible describes the church as “the body of Christ;” that is, the visible and communal expression of Jesus in the world.



Jesus is God’s indispensable gift not only to individuals but to all levels and expressions of human community. Marriages, families, neighborhoods, corporations, cities, states, governments and nations, and the whole earth need Jesus as much as any individual does.



The church of Jesus Christ is meant to be a movement and we believe that in order to be a movement we must multiply.  We are committed to multiplying our impact through church planting and multiplication.




Pastor Ruben Saenz III was appointed as the Lead Pastor of CFUMC effective July 1st, 2019. Previous to CFUMC he served at Bulverde UMC  as an Associate Pastor over their youth and young families. Originally from the Rio Grande Valley, he attended TLU and UTSA to play football. Shortly after his playing career he served in college ministry which eventually led him to BUMC as the Youth Director where he started Aftershock Youth Ministries and saw it grow from 4-400. In 2014 he was licensed as a Local Pastor by the Rio Texas Conference. In 2015 he planted a church in the Rio Grande Valley and at the close of that project he would return to BUMC. Pastor Ruben is passionate about preaching and helping build community with the people both in and outside of the church. He is now entering his 9th year of full-time ministry. He is married to his beautiful wife Christina who is finishing up her BSN, and together they have two sons, Ruben IV and Malakai James.



Karen has been in an administration and facility/property management role for over 20 years. Karen has a passion for the inner workings of building structures and more importantly a heart for serving the people who work and live within them. Before her own entrepreneurial endeavors brought her to San Antonio, Karen managed multiple religious, office, and factory spaces and administration teams, while earning her Biblical Studies degree, her Certified Facility Manager and Facility Management Professional designations. Karen also holds certifications in multiple Coaching modalities. Her proudest achievement is being a wife and mother of two wonderful sons and four beautiful daughters. Karen and her family volunteer for a number of philanthropic organizations and Missions throughout the world enabling them to travel while making a difference in the lives of others. She is proud to serve the Christ Fellowship community as Church Administrator.



Christina Martinez graduated from McMurry University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She became a member of Christ Fellowship in 2011 after being the first group of youth to be confirmed in CFUMC history. Originally from El Paso, Texas, Christina grew up in the United Methodist Church, but now she is proudly serving our Christ Fellowship Kids as their Children’s Director in San Antonio. Worship leader at Christ Fellowship since July 2018. Her love of music began as a child and has been a guiding force throughout her life. She was introduced to worship music and a deeper understanding of her faith and Jesus during her first year in college and has continued to learn and grow in both.



Jim went to Upsala University in West Orange and has been in a retail leadership role for over 30 years as a District Manager and Regional Mgr along with being in an Operations Management role before retiring this past year. He has spent several years in a training and development role, working with Dr Ken Blanchard, developing a training and development program for Auto Zone Inc. which was the favorite role of his career. Jim also was a Little League couch for a several years after graduation and loves working with young athletes.   His passions are hanging out with his Grandchildren, Bible studies, Movie night with his wife Dina, and cooking genuine Italian food from his Mom and 2 sisters’ unique recipes. 



Elizette went to school for music education and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Education from the University of Texas Pan American in 2009. Several years later, after moving to San Antonio, she went back to school and received a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy from the University of the Incarnate Word. She is currently a practicing Board Certified Music Therapist in San Antonio Texas. Elizette is a wife and originally from the Rio Grande Valley where she met her husband. She wholeheartedly believes in the power of music, and that God can use that power to move the human heart and spirit for His honor and glory.



Andres Flores, is a junior at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He started his internship here at CFUMC in August of 2019.

In the Summer of 2018, he was hired by University UMC for the Student Ministry Summer Internship Program, where he planned and promoted events, lead Sunday Morning Classes, preached on Wednesday nights, made relationships with students, and encouraged them to pursue their relationship with Jesus. 

Andres believes that with earnest humility, prayer, open hearts and ears for the words of Jesus, and open arms for our neighbors, even the smallest band of believers can make a big difference in a community. He is very excited to be part of the team!  




Charleen has served at Christ Fellowship in various ways over the past nine years.  She was Student Ministry Leader and now is the pastor of congregational care and prayer. She has an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Biblical Studies. Her passion has been working with children. She taught in both private Christian and public schools for fifteen years. As a stay at home mother of three sons, she later volunteered with special needs advocacy groups and other children organizations. Charleen earned her Master’s degree in Christian Education and completed three years of chaplaincy residency training and is a Board Certified Chaplain. Since 2014, Charleen has served as a chaplain with the Methodist Healthcare System.

Charleen is married to Walter, and is the proud mother of three adult sons.


The Role of the Board of Christ Fellowship is outlined in these three primary areas:

Financial Oversight - The board will help determine and set the budget for the church on an annual basis based on giving and stewardship. The board will also offer financial decisions, accountability and resourcing, therefore ensuring that we as a church are faithful to the mission in how we use our resources for things such as staffing, facilities, maintenance, missions, discipleship, worship, paying apportionments, debt reduction and new building projects. 

Goal Setting - The Board will work together to help set goals for the church based on the vision, mission and needs of the congregation and community. All of our goals will be assessed and reviewed on an annual basis ensuring that we are moving in the right direction and also being faithful to our call as a church community. 

General Oversight/Accountability - The role of the board will also serve as a support and accountability group for our staff, starting with the Pastor. They will help offer guidance and encouragement ensuring that all who are staffed by the church are maintaining the vision and mission of the church through their ministry. 


Overview - Our board consists of individuals who have been part of our church for many years and some who are newer to our faith community. All those who serve on the board are members of Christ Fellowship and you must be a member to serve. Board members serve 3-year terms, at the end of each term they are succeeded by someone who is nominated by the Pastor and the nominations committee. The board members are expected to be part of the life of the church through their giving, time, and service helping to cast and promote the vision of the church. They work closely with the Lead Pastor of our church and offer valuable insight and direction whenever decisions have to be made. The board meets once every quarter to discuss the ministry of Christ Fellowship and to take care of any business that we may have. Below you will find a list of our current board members, we are blessed by their commitment to CF but more importantly their commitment to serving God. 


Although each member represents a specific area, when decisions need to be made they all work together as a unified body in order to make those decisions.  

Sandy Rogers - Board Chair

Yuri Balmaceda - Lay Leader

Susan Smith - Secretary/Bookkeeper

Sam Hergert - Finance Rep

Charles Johnson - Finance Rep

Andrea Turk - Finance Rep

Lance Tracy - Trustees Rep

Eddie Trejo - Trustees Rep

Tracy Henn - Trustees Rep

Jarred Worth - SPRC Rep

Frank Gaytan - SPRC Rep

Karina Gonzalez - SPRC Rep


We are called to be a movement committed to the call that has been placed on all of our lives. As a united body of Christ we will seek to Gather, Equip and Empower all people both inside and outside of our walls for the making of new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


(210) 892-4545

10915 Shaenfield Rd.,

San Antonio, TX 78254